F— The Animals?

Fashion designer Julien Macdonald has a lot of experience with facing animal rights protests over his use of fur, and he certainly didn’t do anything to lessen enmity from activists with this statement as part of an interview with British newspaper The Observer,

I think there is so much else going on in the world. Focus your attention on something that’s important. Like finding a cure for cancer. Finding a cure for Aids. I say fuck the animals. There’s somebody dying in a bed because there’s no cure for that disease. At the end of the day everybody eats meat. It really doesn’t matter. I think what was a taboo has now become the norm. It was a taboo to wear diamonds. Now everybody wears diamonds. It’s a trend, a fashion. What do you think your cat or dog eats? Where do you think that meat comes from? Where do you think Pedigree Chum comes from? It’s not picked off a tree.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ Sean Gifford told Wales on Sunday,

Most people shun fur. The catwalk doesn’t dictate what people wear, it has become a desperate battlefield of designers trying to be outrageous. Dinosaur designers like Macdonald have this way of seeing a beautiful animal and saying, ‘Oh, look at the beautiful mink — let’s break her neck and steal her skin.’ If Macdonald wants to be a true visionary he would find a way to recreate the beauty of a mink without causing suffering.

A spokesman for Animal Aid added that,

His [Macdonald’s] shallow existence doesn’t leave him much time to combat the evils of the world. Yet he whines and whines about anti-fur protesters who apparently should be finding a cure for cancer instead!


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Fur flying over Mac. Kate Jackson, Wales on Sunday, September 14, 2003.

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  1. This fasion designer is evil and should not be allowed to use fur in his fasion shows if he does. How about we shoot him instead!Nasty nasty man!

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