Apparently "Holocaust On Your Plate" Isn't Shocking Enough

On August 6 a story appeared in the Spokesman Review (Spokane) newspaper chronicling the appearance of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal’s “Holocaust On Your Plate” display which appeared at the Spokane County Courthouse for a day.

The reporter sent to write a story on the exhibit described the display thusly,

One panel shows a large photo of emaciated Jewish prisoners on one side; a picture of a cow with its ribs showing is on the other. The words, “Walking Skeletons,” appears over the panel.

“During the seven years between 1938 and 1945, 12 million people perished in the Holocaust,” another panel reads. “The same number of animals is killed EVERY 4 HOURS for food in the U.S. alone.”

It encourages people to adopt a vegetarian diet “to help end this holocaust.”

Most commentary about the “Holocaust On Your Plate” display has focused on the shocking nature of the Holocaust imagery juxtaposed with imagery of animal slaughter. But apparently at least for one vegetarian who turned out to show her support, it wasn’t graphic enough. The Spokesman-Review reports (emphasis added),

“It’s about the only way you’re going to shock people out of the lethargy of meat eating,” said Chris [Anderlik, a local animal rights advocate], who eschews nearly all meat products. She said she occasionally eats the eggs of a friend’s pet chickens.

So it’s wrong for the rest of us to enjoy a nice steak, but this “vegetarian” can make a snack out of eggs stolen from this enslaved chicken? Fine, then I’m a vegetarian who occasionally eats a steak from my local restaurant’s pet cattle.


PETA exhibit shocks friends, foes alike with graphic images. Adam Lynn, The Spokesman-Review (Spokane, Washington), August 6, 2003.

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