An Animal Rights Activist Against the War

Anti-factory farm advocate and Global Hunger Alliance coordinator Pattrice Le-Muire Jones recently posted an article to an animal rights e-mail list offering reasons “Why Animal Liberation Activists Must Join the Peace Movement” and oppose any war against Iraq.

The article includes a top ten list of reasons why animal rights activists should join the peace movement which give a nice insight into the bizarre way that some animal rights activists see the world. Here are reasons 1 through 4 that Le-Muire Jones offers (emphasis added),

4. Because military attacks on urban spaces terrify, kill, injure, displace, and bereave companion animals.

3. Because military attacks on rural locations terrify, ill, and bereave farmed animals.

2. Because bombs and biological weapons destroy habitats and poison the environment upon which all animals depend for sustenance.

1. Because bullets, bombs, and biological weapons don’t distinguish between human and non-human animals.

What Le-Muire Jones means by “bereav[ing] animals” is anybody’s guess, but it is interesting that if there were a way for weapons to distinguish between human and non-human animals that Le-Muire Jones might have a different view of war.

It is telling that in a long list of “Do’s and Don’ts” for activists, Le-Muire Jones has to remind activist “Don’t forget to include humans when discussing the innocents who will be hurt in the course of warfare.” Presumably Le-Muire Jones is a student of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals view of warfare in which a terrorist attack using a donkey as a bomb is reprehensible simply because a donkey is injured in the effort.


Why animal liberation activists must join the peace movement. Pattrice Le-Muire Jones, February 2003.

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