USA Today on Farm Sanctuary's Turkey Efforts

On November 26, USA Today ran a very positive profile of Farm Sanctuary’s efforts to convince people to stop eating turkey for Thanksgiving.

The story featured a profile of Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-a-Turkey program, noting that,

Each Thanksgiving, Farm Sanctuary sees surges in turkey adoptions (around 50; they’re adopted in pairs or more because they get lonely) and sponsorships (more than 1,000), in which a $15 donation toward the care and feeding of the bird gets you a color photo of your [turkey] . . .

Of course as even the USA Today reporter was forced to concede, that is 50 turkeys adopted by Farm Sanctuary vs. 45 million turkeys that were eaten for Thanksgiving — as many as 95 percent of American households will include turkey as at least part of the Thanksgiving meal.

USA Today mentioned Florida’s largely irrelevant vote in favor of a ban on gestation crates for pigs, which Farm Sanctuary played a major role in promoting. It failed to mention, however, Farm Sanctuary’s numerous violations of Florida election laws.

Farm Sanctuary’s Gene Bauston told USA Today (emphasis added),

Farm animals everywhere are subject to a lot of cruelty. But once Americans know about a problem and see how behind the times we are, they usually move to stop it.

Once Americans know that Farm Sanctuary considers itself about state election laws, maybe they’ll move to stop donating to and supporting it as well.


Plucked from the platter. Marco R. della Cava, USA Today, November 26, 2002.

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