The Stan Lee Solution

This turns out to be many months old, but just randomly surfing today was the first time I’d seen Meryl Yourish’s The Stan Lee Solution:

The problem: The world media is extremely biased against Israel, choosing to yammer about massacres without evidence while subsequently ignoring the evidence that there was no massacre. People like Robert Fisk make up facts on a regular basis, while Oxford poets discuss their desires to see “Brooklyn-born Jews” shot. American newspapers ignore major pro-Israel rallies and put on the front page pro-Palestinian rallies, even if only sparsely attended.

The solution: Hulk smash puny newspaper men! Hulk smash puny editors! Hulk hate Daily Bugle! Daily Bugle mean to Hulk! Hulk SMASH!

And she’s got more problems that all involve similar solutions by the green guy. ROTFLMAO!

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