Iran Achieves Impressive Reduction In Population Growth

After the Iranian revolution in 1979 and the subsequent war with Iraq, Iran’s radical Islamic regime explicitly sought an increase in the population of Iran and succeeded too well. In the decade from 1976 to 1986, the population if Iran increased by 50 percent.

At that rate of growth, Iran’s population would have reached 108 million by 2006. But, in fact, through a variety of measures, Iran has managed to check its population growth with the population projected to only reach 71 million in 2006.

How did it achieve this rapid decline in growth? Through a combination of methods.

In 1993, it sensibly dropped certain maternity benefits for couples who had more than three children. According to the BBC, Iran is believed to be the only country in the world where men and women are required to attend classes about contraception before they can obtain a marriage license.

In addition, Iran has made both condoms and contraceptive pills widely available. Contraceptive pills are available at pharmacies across Iran, and the government gives away condoms at health clinics around the country.

The upshot is that Iran has achieved a reduction in its birth rate in 10 years that it took developed countries 40 years to reach.


Condoms help check Iran birth rate. Jim Muir, The BBC, April 24, 2002.

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