In Defense of Animals Activist Sues March of Dimes

The San Francisco Examiner reported this week that Alfred Kuba, who runs a chapter of In Defense of Animals, has filed a lawsuit in San Francisco Superior Court against the March of Dimes.

The lawsuit claims that March of Dimes’ “Be a Hero” “campaign is unfair, fraudulent and misleading in that it does not advise potential supporters that they will be supporting invasive animal research.”

According to Kuba, “They’ve [March of Dimes] been doing it [animal research] for decades, and it’s a money-maker for them. They’re not concerned about the health of the babies, they are worried about the cash.”

Of course the reality is that animal research funded by the March of Dimes has been instrumental in advancing the health of children and infants around the world.


Lawsuit rips into March of Dimes. Dan Evans, The San Francisco Examiner, April 8, 2002.

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