Bruce Wayne on Smallville?

About the only two shows I absolutely must watch every week are Cartoon Network’s “Justice League” and the WB’s “Smallville” (though, as far as I’m concerned, the best show on television at the moment is hands down “Sponge Bob Square Pants,” which I watch obssessively).

Anyway, the latest issue of Wizards has an interview with Alfred Gough, the co-creator of “Smallville”, who say they want to do an episode or two with a guest appearance by a young Bruce Wayne — the only issue is whether or not DC will permit it.

It looks like Gough has some good ideas on how he would handle the young Batman,

I think at that age Bruce Wayne would be very much the opposite of Clark. I think he’d be brooding. Hed be at a point where he’d gone through some of his training. I don’t think he and Clark would really get along. I think maybe the last line of the meeting would be Clark turning to Bruce saying, “You should really seek some professional help.”

How about Bruce kicking Clark’s butt a la Dark Knight 2. Now that would be cool.

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