Bill Clinton: Do as I Say, Not As I Did

Wired quotes Bill Clinton in a recent speech saying,

Democratization is the only world view that can survive in this country. It’s very easy advice to give, but it’s very difficult to live that advice. We have to develop a way of thinking about the world that is more consistent with what we want the world to be.

Ah, so that’s what all of the aid to the Colombian military was for — to aid the process of democratization. I guess in order to get a little democracy you have to fund a few right wing death squads here and there.

I suppose when Clinton’s FDA was holding up approval of RU-486, that was helping to advance the cause of women, and when he and Al Gore proposed putting government back doors in all encryption products, that was his way of honoring American’s freedom. And, of course, when he pardoned FALN terrorists, that was his prescient effort to fight the war on terrorism.

Gee, how will we ever get along without the benevolent Clinton watching over us.

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