Salon Really Gets the Cutting Edge News

Gee, if it weren’t for Salon I never would have guessed that record companies try to rig MTV’s “Total Request Live.” I guess I was wrong and David Talbot was right — this Salon thingie really is cutting edge.

The last line in the story did have me laughing out loud. After describing how Interscope actually has a contest to reward TRL online ballot stuffers, writer Eric Beohlert asks,

So in an effort to maintain TRL’s integrity, is MTV moving in to shut the contest down? MTV’s Sirulnick declined to comment.

That’s some hard hitting reporting. What I’d like to see Beohlert do next is go undercover at TBS and try to confirm suspicions I have that some large agricultural corporations are having an undue influence on the dishes cooked up on Dinner & A Movie.

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