India Leather Exports Surge; PETA Threatens Renewed Protests

According to the The Times of India, exports of leather goods from India to the West continues to surge, approaching the $2 billion level in the most recent fiscal year. Mohd Hasham of India’s Council for Leather Exports told The Times,

The growth rate in the sector of leather and leather goods has gone up to 25 percent and could further rise to 31 percent. Though there has been a shortage of raw materials, the export figures are expected to go up to $2 billion from $1.59 billion from 1999-2000.

The announcement of the increase in exports coincided with an announcement by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals that it would renew its campaign against Indian leather goods if the Council for Leather Exports doesn’t keep its promise to “improve transport and slaughter methods by May 2001.”

PETA claims that the leather exporters have made no effort to improve the conditions of animals and promises a vigorous campaign if they don’t follow through. In it statement PETA said a new campaign against Indian leather would be “fueled by 12 months of bottled-up feelings and all the frustrations born of patience and hope that came to naught, that will make previous attempts to decry the Indian leather industry look like child’s play.”


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