Court Reigns in Rodney Coronado

In a recent newsletter, Americans for Medical Progress reported that the parole conditions for Rodney Coronado have apparently been altered to prevent Coronado from continuing his very public writing and speaking campaign in favor of animal rights. Coronado fire bombed a laboratory at Michigan State University and served almost five years in jail for his crimes before being paroled.

Before being sentenced in 1995 Coronado read a statement saying that, “I have gone from the most vocal proponent to now an open opponent of the ALF. My actions were illegal, radical and extreme and caused great pain to others. It took me years to realize the impact of my actions.”

Coronado quickly repudiated those remarks while in jail and after his release on parole began writing articles for activists publications such as No Compromise extolling the virtues of the Animal Liberation Front and similar groups.

Apparently his activities didn’t go unnoticed by the courts. According to AMP, a communique was recently circulated by activists to the effect that new parole conditions forbid Coronado to “write articles or otherwise work for activists publications, nor can speak out, publicize or support illegal actions or associate with ALF or ELF members for the next 16 months–the remainder of his parole term.”


ALF’s Rodney Coronado Under Tighter Parole Restrictions. Americans for Medical Progress, April 12, 2001.

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