RSPCA not amused by politically incorrect recipes

The Times (UK)
reports that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
was not amused by cookbook put together by supporters of hunting. The
cookbook, The Millennium Coursing Cookbook, was put together to
raise funds to fight proposed bans and limits on hunting and fishing in
the UK (coursing, for those unaware, is a hunting competition using hounds
to chase a mechanical lure or a live animal such as a rabbit).

Ros Varnes of the RSPCA
told the Times (UK),  “I hope the publishers make it clear to
people exactly what they will be helping finance if they buy this cookbook.
The idea that they will be supporting cruel and outdated sports where
wild animals are hounded to death should be enough to turn many stomachs.”


offend RSPCA palate
from the Times (UK), December 1, 1999

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