Animal Rights Protests Planned for August 22nd

On August 22nd animal
rights activists around the nation will gather at primate research centers
to protest and call for an end to medical research involving primates.
The level of information being distributed by animal rights activists
is amazing. One email on an animal rights news I saw suggested protesting
at a specific primate research institute and listed a specific researcher
who was doing research on alcohol tolerance in primates. When I contacted
the research lab, however, the director informed me the animal rights
activists might be disappointed — the primates this particular researcher
is using for experimental subjects happen to be homo sapiens.

If any animal rights activists
turn up at primate research centers in your area, a nice letter to the
editor about the importance of such research would be a nice gesture to
support these brave researchers threatened by animal rights ignorance.


Why be in Seattle on August 22nd? Coalition to End Primate Experimentation, Press Release, August 1998.

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