JUN Planning’s Enormous Nightmare Before Christmas Diorama

Tokyo-based JUN Planning took over the toy licences for Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas awhile ago, and they are releasing piece-by-piece a gigantic 1/4 scale Halloween Town diorama, based upon a similar diorama that Burton had created as a reference prior to the creation of the film.

Nightmare Before Christmas Diorama

Grabbed the photo of the full diorama set up at Toy Fair 2008 from Dave’s Cool Toys. The dimensions on this monster are 95 inches long x 76 inches wide x 33 inches high. Holy crap.

But the price point is probably going to be a bigger barrier to this than the size. The diorama is built from 7 separate pieces that cost, in total, $24,570 . . . plus shipping!

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  1. Chascidy January 1, 2011 / 10:38 pm

    I’m a huge fan of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas movie and I am so happy that this has been built because I would one day love to own this diorama. My boyfriend and I have just started collecting Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise and hopefully one day we will have everything including this item.


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