Bellingcat Podcast Season 2–The Executions and The Hunt

In 2018, a video began circulating online that showed an outrageous act of barbarity–armed men in uniform escorting four unarmed women and children, and then summarily executing them.

Bellingcat has a two-episode podcast, The Executions and The Hunt, describing how the online OSINT and human rights community teased out clues in the video to ultimately identify the killers and bring a modicum of justice.

The podcast is disturbing in many ways, especially the ending where it seems unlikely there will be any punishment for the perpetrators of the atrocity.

But sometimes all anyone can do is shout the truth to whomever will listen.

TraceLabs OSINT VM

TraceLabs maintains an OSINT-oriented virtual machine built on top of Kali Linux that anyone can download.

The Trace Labs team has set out to create a specialized OSINT VM specifically to bring together the most effective OSINT tools and customized scripts we saw being used during our Search Party CTF’s. Inspired by the infamous Buscador VM, the Trace Labs OSINT VM was built in a similar way, to enable OSINT investigators participating in the Trace Labs Search Party CTF’s a quick way to get started and have access to the most popular OSINT tools and scripts all neatly packaged under one roof.

They maintain a GitHub repository for the VM that outlines the changes they’ve made to the Kali Linux distro, and provide instructions on creating their build from within a fresh Kali install if you don’t want to download their VM image.

Vortimo–OSINT Recording/Organizing Software

Vortimo is,

…software that organizes information on webpages that you’ve visited. It records pages you go to, extracts data from it and enrich the data that was extracted. It augments the pages in your browser by allowing you to tag objects as well as decorating objects it deems important. It then arranges the data in an UI. Vortimo support switching between cases/projects seamlessly. You can also generate PDF reports based on the aggregated information and meta information.

Currently in beta, this seems to be in the same space as Hunchly, using a browser and local server combination to record and manage web pages related to an investigation.