United Poultry Concerns Plans Anti-KFC Protests

United Poultry Concerns recently announced a People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals-style protest against KFC on July 29, 2001.

These folks need a lot of work to match the sophistication of PETA’s media grabbing, but there was this hilarious nugget in their press release,

Much sweeter [than eating chickens] is the sight of happy chickens at UPC’s sanctuary in Virginia. “When people meet the chickens and see how nice they are, they stop thinking them of food,” says UPC protest co-organizer Franklin Wade. “At our KFC protest, each person who sees our signs or takes a leaflet must think about these birds and consider the truth.”

Yeah, if we could only sit down and have a long conversation with a chicken, we’d understand our shared humanity… er, scratch that. I suspect what most people will consider after taking a UPC leaflet is, “Why couldn’t they have given me a coupon off a bucket of wings instead?”


Chicken rights activists target KFC for Protest; “Stop Slaughter of the Innocent, Go Veggie,” They Urge. United Poultry Concerns, Press Release, July 26, 2001.