Germaine Greer Calls for a Veiled Protest

Germaine Greer has called for women in Australia to protest against the war in Iraq and the clothing industry by wearing veils. Seriously.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Greer told an audience at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival,

Imagine if Melbourne – if Australia – became a sea of black veils … it would be a protest that would be undeniable.

. . .

When I was a young hippy I thought marching naked would be a strong protest but I don’t think it would be as effective now.

But if every woman were veiled, it would be very disturbing, at least to the clothing industry.

Greer also told the audience that women should revolt against “invasive medical procedures” such as pap smears and mammograms which she said were part of a worldwide movement to make women fear their own bodies.


Germaine Greer wants veiled war protest. The Sydney Morning Herald, September 2, 2002.