View Image Addon for Chrome Restores “View Image” Button in Google Images

Google removed the “View Image” button from Google Images search in order to placate the asshats at Getty Images.

Developer Joshua Butts created a View Image addon for Chrome that adds the button back.

Butts also has a Github repository for the addon.

AdNauseum–Ad Blocking With A Twist

AdNauseum is a free, Google Chrome extension that the company banned from the Chrome Web Store in 2017.

The extension hides ads, like any number of ad blockers, but twists the knife by automatically clicking on any ads it finds.  The intent is to render user targeting via ad surveillance pointless by flooding the ad surveillance software with false positives.

Two of the creators of the AdNauseum extension have written up an academic analysis of their project here.

Chrome Extensions for Dealing with Large Numbers of Tabs

I typically have 80-100 tabs open in Chrome at any given time. Occasionally, finding a specific tab in that forest can be a problem, but a couple of Chrome extensions make it a breeze to manage.

Tab Count adds a button that displays the total number of tabs that are open in Chrome. When the user clicks on the button, a drop down appears showing a clickable list of all the pages currently open. Clicking one of the links changes the focus to that tab.

Tab Count Screenshot

That works for most things, but occasionally I’m working on something where I’ve got several articles open about the same subject but I can’t remember which one has the specific bit of information I wanted to reference.

Search Plus takes care of these problems. Click the Search Plus icon and a pop up search box appears. Type in any phrase and Search Plus will quickly give you a list of open tabs where that phrase appears. Click on a specific result, and the browser focus changes to that specific tab.