Powerline Still Sucks

Take it from Powerline’s John Hinderaker — video never lies,

Predictably, mainstream news outlets are trying to defuse the video’s impact. Like this Reuters report: “Schiavo Videotape Misleading, Experts Say”:

Studies of people whose cerebral cortices are damaged in the way Schiavo’s is show that their eyes will respond to stimuli such as movement or a human face, but there is no way for them to be conscious of what they are seeing.

Have you ever noticed how much faith liberals have in “studies”? And I believe it is undisputed that Terri Schiavo has never been given the tests normally used to diagnose a persistent vegetative state, apparently because her husband refuses to allow them.

There may have been a time in my life when I had more faith in experts and studies than in my own eyes. But that was a long time ago.

Who you going to believe — a few second snippet pulled from who knows how many hours of video or experts trained in diagnosing medical conditions such as PVS?

Clearly, the video.

And note that Hindraker is simply wrong about his claim that Terri Schiavo has not “been given the tests normally used to diagnose a persistent vegetative state.” She’s had CT, EEG and CAT scans and all of the usual tests to determine if someone is in a persistent vegetative state. Hindraker’s shot at Michael Schiavo is especially absurd — surely even an idiot like Hindraker has to know that court appointed doctors have performed tests to determine if Terri is in a PVS. It’s not like Michael would be able to step in and say, sorry, I won’t authorize that test Your Honor!

Presumably Hindraker and Powerline might care about the facts if this involved a questionable memo about Bush’s National Guard Service — otherwise, damn the facts and full insinuation and ignorance ahead!

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