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Interesting — while ripping on the National Rifle Association’s NRA News site the other day, I mentioned that in order to view the site you have to enter your name and e-mail address but that there is no formal registration system. You have to give the same information every time.

And the morons at the NRA apparently decided that it would be a good idea a) to spam people who are dumb enough (like me) to use their real e-mail address, and b) not to eliminate duplicate addresses if you visited the site on more than one occasion.

So this evening I received not one, but two spam messages from the NRA basically apologizing for some sort of technical problem they had earlier. Earth to NRA: your real problem is your complete cluelessness.

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  1. I’ve never visited any NRA site yet I receive a boatload of spam. If I’d been stupid or immoral enough to join the organization, I guess I would expect them to spam me. But it’s even more annoying (and illegal) that they spam me, someone who would never consider any sort of association with their horrid organization. Just wanted to vent somewhere, it’s driving me crazy!

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    I was banned from facebook!
    I was a friend of the NRA page.I grew up hunting, joined army…i like guns.
    NRA did nothing but advertise for gun factories.I`m thinking NRA gets paid for it.They also have a good income from membership fees.
    I typed a post saying they should put some of the money to good use and help protect gun ownership rights.NRA must have reported me as harassing them.I was banned from site w/o warning.
    The local newspaper here doesn`t allow guns sales in classsified section, why would facebook allow it?

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