LRA Kills Almost 200 in Weekend Attack

Lord’s Resistance Army soldiers attacked a camp for displaced persons near Lira, Uganda, this weekend. According to the BBC, 190 of the estimated 4,000 people living in the camp were killed in the attack and many more were injured.

The BBC quoted MP Charles Angiro describing the attack,

The rebels came with sophisticated guns… and grenades. When they arrived at the camp at 5.30pm, they approached it from three fronts – from the north, east and south and left the western side for their exit. . . They bombed the camp… and overpowered the local defence forces and then started burning the huts.

Angiro complained that the army has not done enough to protect civilians in the area from the LRA, and that it had tried to downplay the extent of the casualities.

Angiro told the BBC that he counted at least 500 huts burned to the ground by the LRA.


Uganda rebels ‘burnt my family alive’. The BBC, February 23, 2004.

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