Who Is Lying — Michael Moore Or Wesley Clark?

Michael Moore has a bizarre post on the front page of his web site. Bizarre because it is another of Moore’s rambling essays in support of Wesley Clark for president, but on the other hand if Moore is right then Clark is again lying (one way or the other) about that mysterious call he claims to have received after 9/11 telling him to blame the attacks on Iraq.

Clark originally implied that the call came from the White House, but backed off and later maintained it was from a Middle Eastern think tank in Canada. According to Clark, nobody from the White House ever asked him to blame 9/11 on Iraq. Clark’s last version of events was that he simply learned later that people in the White House were supposedly also discussing spinning the attacks to blame Iraq.

But Moore writes,

My wife and I were invited over to a neighbor’s home 12 days ago where [Wesley] Clark told those gathered that certain people, acting on behalf of the Bush administration, called him immediately after the attacks on September 11th and asked him to go on TV to tell the country that Saddam Hussein was “involved” in the attacks. He asked them for proof, but they couldn’t provide any. He refused their request.

Now the person with the Canadian Middle Eastern think tank has already come forward and said that he didn’t call Clark until days after the 9/11 attack and he was relying on information passed along by people he knows in the Israeli intelligence community.

So is Clark changing his story on this mysterious call again? Or is Moore just distorting what Clark said (that wouldn’t be the first time for Moore distorting reality)?


“And Now a Chance to Bid Farewell to Mr. Bush”. Michael Moore, September 23, 2003.

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