Ugandan Defense Minister Says LRA Maintains Training Camp in Sudanese-Controlled Territory

Ugandan defense minister Ruth Nankabirwa told Kampala newspaper New Vision that Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony is still operating a training camp in territory controlled by the Sudanese army, though she was diplomatic enough to avoid accusing Sudan’s government of supporting the LRA.

Nankabirwa said,

He (LRA leader Joseph Kony) still has a rear base camp some two to three kilometres northwest of Nisitu junction, which is behind Sudan army lines and our forces deployed there cannot do anything, because the protocol under which they are deployed does not allow them to go beyond some lines.

. . .

We are taking diplomatic steps to make Sudan honour its obligations under the protocol. But it should be noted that the Sudan government has not fully responded to the outstanding issues raised by Uganda.

Sudan’s government is apparently blaming the continued presence of LRA bases in its territory on rogue military elements, although Sudan has a long history of providing both direct and indirect support to the LRA.


Sudan Officers Shield LRA. New Vision (Kampala), December 1, 2003.

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