Salon.Com – Bush Is Like a Klansman

Whatever will we do once Salon.Com finally shutters its site (after the requisite party at my place that is). I mean, how will journalism go on without rambling nonsense by Anne Lamott like this,

I am going to pray for George Bush’s heart to change, so that he begins to want to be a part of the human family. . . . He’s family. I hate this, because he is a dangerous member of the family, like a Klansman.

Apparently Salon.Com’s goal is to make Al Sharpton’s anti-Bush rhetoric look moderate in comparison.


Good Friday world. Anne Lamott, Salon.Com, March 28, 2003.

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  1. Are you naturally as stupid as you sound or do have to work at being so ignorant and irritating? Also do you know how to read? Where would you get the idea for your title from the quote you cited?

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