Manila Gets Robots.Txt File

What seems like many years ago, I was sitting on a wad of cash and had a decision to make — I definitely wanted to ditch using DreamWeaver to manage my site, but wasn’t sure about which way to go for a dynamic content management system.

I was leaning toward a Manila hosted solution when I received an e-mail about Conversant and there’s been no looking back since. Aside from all the cool things Conversant has added in the intervening years, it is posts like this that really make me glad I didn’t go with Manila,

New feature: Manila sites now have a robots.txt file. By default it just tells search engine robots to skip the page of referers, thereby eliminating any benefit for spamming the Referers page. Of course they’ll still do it, or maybe they’ll get a clue and spam someone else.

Holy cow. Manila users had to wait until July 2003 to get a basic robots.txt file, and then it happened largely because the major shareholder in Userland wanted it to happen.

I realize having a robots.txt file probably isn’t as sexy as having an “Edit This Page” button everywhere, but it’s still surprising to me at least that Manila lacked this basic functionality for so long.

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