John Robb Resurfaces

John Robb returns a little bit wiser,

Thanks for all the e-mails (there have been a huge number) of support for me as I recover from the outage at UserLand.

The good news: lots of great things to come and this new location offers lots of new flexibility.

The bad news: a huge number (probably over 30,000, not even counting Google) of inbound links have been broken, as well as nearly 500 RSS subscriptions. This proves the point: NEVER (under any circumstances) publish a weblog to a domain that you don’t control. I am currently using digital-crocus (they cost a mere ~$15 a year for fast hosting and have a great user interface that allows fast sub-domain creation).

Well, duh. Did he think he was going to work at Userland forever? And would you trust your web site to Dave Winer’s whimsy?

On the other hand, Robb’s outage was a nice test of just how seriously Winer takes all his rhetoric (i.e., not very).

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