The Reciprocity Principle (Or, Do Unto Others . . .)

With the ongoing problems at Userland, some Radio Userland users are starting to post some rather uncomplimentary things about Userland and Dave Winer. Winer, on the other hand, is apologizing and asking for patience,

I apologize for this on behalf of the whole company. The outage is something we have to deal with, and we did a far less than perfect job doing that. Our next efforts are going to be focused on assuring the security of the servers, so we may not immediately be responsive to user-level questions. Please try, if you can, to help each other out, and if possible, give us the benefit of the doubt. Thanks.

The problem for Userland, of course, is that Winer himself rarely gives people the benefit of the doubt. In fact he seems stuck in blame-the-messenger mode when dealing with people who point out bugs or other problems with Userland software.

So when he asks people to “gives us the benefit of the doubt,” I don’t think he’s going to find much sympathy. Hint to Userland: don’t poison your well.

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