Other Reviews of Freedom Force

Tech TV – “‘Freedom Force’ is rock-solid entertainment. Comic-book fan or no, playing this game will put a silly grin on your face and remind you that sometimes you have to toss cars around in the name of justice.”

TFH Gaming Review – “FF is not just a great strategy role playing game, but a triumphant, genre-transcending realization of the long missing super hero role playing computer game. Comic fans, particularly ones with fond memories of early comics, will marvel at the faithful rendition of a classic comic universe inked into the fun, involving game play.”

ZenGamer.Com Review – “Freedom Force has arrived and it is one hell of a rip-roaring old fashioned good time on your PC.”

Gamespot Review – “Irrational Games has combined the surface elements of a role-playing game with a tactical combat engine, creating a hybrid that isn’t very deep but is totally satisfying in its breadth. And, perhaps more importantly, Freedom Force has a winning personality and a developed style that’s as good as PC gaming has ever offered–it joins the ranks of games like Interstate ’76 and Grim Fandango.”

Media and Games Online Network Review – “The release of Freedom Force marks two very special occasions. Firstly, it is the first superhero game to land on the PC. Secondly, it is one of the best games in general to land on the PC in a long time.”

Gamespy Review – “The curse of the superhero games has finally been lifted. After a string of superhero-themed titles were canceled or lost in limbo, Freedom Force finally made its way to the shelves. Not only did it make it, but it’s a super game with a consistent appealing tone, solid gameplay and a beautiful engine.”

IGN.Com Review – “Freedom Force is, quite simply enough, a truly outstanding game. Despite miniscule setbacks in the areas of interface and artificial intelligence, it quickly becomes and then easily remains an incredibly enjoyable, fun, and involving adventure. In lovingly crafting a lighthearted, wholesome, but always comedic and laughable theme, Irrational has indulged the playful boys and girls inside all of us. Thank you, I say.”

Gamers.Com Review – “I have one huge problem with Freedom Force: I don’t have any notes. Every time I sat down to play it for this review, as hard as I tried, I got completely lost in the game, totally involved in the deceptively deep tactical combat, engrossed in the delicate juggling of RPG character development, and utterly swept up in the goofy, giddy, overwhelming sense of fun that permeates every 1 and 0 burned onto the game CD.”

GamesDomain.Com Review – “The game is huge fun to play through, with a great combat system backing it up. Team play becomes vital in the latter stages, as enemies come with resistances to various attacks, and choosing the right team is highly important. The game is a romp through 60s superhero cliches, mixed with excellent gameplay and a flexible character development system.”

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