McKinney Madness Runs in the Family

During her re-election campaign, Cynthia McKinney got caught using recycled endorsements from Andrew Young. Young endorsed her last time, but stayed out of the current contest probably due to McKinney’s controversial post-9/11 comments.

It turns out that McKinney’s father, Bill, has a theory about that whole imbroglio — the Jews did it!!

Again, as reported by the web site of WXIA-TV,

The comments followed 11Alive asking Billy McKinney about his daughter using an old endorsement from former Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young.

“That ain’t nothing. That’s nothing,” he said. “Jews have bought everybody. Jews… J-E-W-S.”

Hey, at least he can spell. Can you imagine those family get-togethers? Probably devoted to discussing how the Jews are plotting against Robert Mugabe.

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