Wired’s Neal Adams Profile

It’s not online yet, but the latest issue of Wired has a long profile of comic book artist Neal Adams. That wouldn’t be so bad, except that the profile is largely about Adams’ pseudo-scientific view that the Earth is growing in size.

And no, Adams doesn’t just think that the Earth is growing in volume, but that it is also growing in mass. While he’s at it, Adams thinks matter is constantly being added to the universe and even invented his own particle, which he calls “primal matter,” to explain the allegedly fattening Earth. He rewrites practically every other area of physics while he’s at it to fit his growing Earth hypothesis.

Neal Adams the comic book illustrator is rightly a legend (remember the furor over the Green Arrow/Green Lantern cover with Speedy shooting heroin? That was Adams’ work). Neal Adams the scientist, however, is a nut. An 8 page story on Adams the artist might have been interesting, but the 8 page story on Adams the pseudoscientist was a pointless waste of paper.

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