Sharon’s Alleged Quote about Jews Controlling America

Here’s a quote from a column that appeared in the Spokane Spokesman-Review about Israel and the United States:

What is the extent of that [Israeli] power? According to Israeli radio (Washington Report on Middle-Eastern Affairs, November 2001), Prime Minister Sharon recently reprimanded Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, saying, ‘Every time we do something, you tell me Americans will do this and will do that. I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America, and Americans know it.’ Last November, while in Chicago, Sharon declared, ‘We have the might and we are right; the Arabs must listen.’

Of course, there is much less here than meets the eye.

For example, most readers might find it surprising — despite the attributions — that this alleged quote does not come from either Israeli radio nor did it originate with the anti-Israeli Washington Report on Middle-Eastern Affairs. Rather, the first appearance of this quote is in a press release from the Islamic Assocation for Palestine. That press release, dated October 3, 2001, was picked up and republished by the WRMEA.

The Islamic Association for Palestine, meanwhile, is a front for the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, and has a habit of a) voicing its support for the killing of Jews and b) publishing anti-Semitic materials.

It is hardly a disinterested party in the conflict, and as such should not be relied upon to provide an accurate translation and context to such a quote (which, to be frank, just fits the IAP’s anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic agenda a bit too well).

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