My Green Lantern Story

Mark Morgan linked to this wonderful site/newspaper column on comic books that I’d never heard of, Captain Comics. Anyway, my wife’s more the comic fanatic (but she reads comics for normal people like Strangers In Paradise), but I’ve got a ton of comics from when I was a kid.

Anyway, the stupidest idea for a comic book hero has to be Green Lantern in my opinion, but for some reason I could never put the stupid books down. I remember being hooked on the Green Lantern/Green Arrow crossover book that DC had going for awhile (leave it to DC to try to color coordinate their superheroes). Anyway the book I really obssessed over (and still do) is Legion of Superheroes, but I’ll always have a love/hate relationships with Green Lantern.

So where’s this going? Somebody wrote in to ask Captain Comic about a collector’s item Green Lantern ring that DC was selling a few years ago. Good luck finding them. But when I was in the comic book shop the other day I noticed they had a life-sized green lantern just like in the books and it was only $250! I’m thinking that would look great next to my desk, but $250 is a lot of money.

Fortunately my wife resolved the dilemma by pointing out that if I spent $250 on a green lantern replica she would change the locks and it and I would have to sleep on the porch, but someday I tell you I will have that green lantern.

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