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Volume 4, Issue 4 : Revolutions - Six new worldbuilding articles featuring discussions on worldbuilding with revolutions. Plus, four new short stories which continue Emory Glass’ series Thirty-Three Tales of War!; An interview with Dael Kingsmill, actress, dungeon master, and YouTube creator. An interview with Zaire Lanier, creator of the wildly successful Kickstarter-funded fantasy horror comic The Bone Herder; An interview with freelance artist Ali Hoff, who discusses how they use their art to guide their worldbuilding; Plus, more contest winners from World Anvil, a community art showcase, artist resources, and other free-to-download resources!

Volume 4, Issue 3: Architecture - Three new worldbuilding articles featuring discussions on worldbuilding with architecture; Plus, five new short stories to demonstrate worldbuilding in action!; An interview with Chris Lockey, co-author of Critical Role’s Explorers of Wildemount, a setting guide created in collaboration with Wizards of the Coast; An interview with Vbwyrde, and his tabletop setting Elthos; Plus, the first set of contest winners from World Anvil, a community art showcase, artist resources, and other fun extras!

Volume 4, Issue 2: Ancestry & Lineage - Six new worldbuilding articles featuring discussions on worldbuilding with ancestry, family, and inheritance! Plus, a continuation of Thirty-Three Tales of War by Emory Glass.; An interview with Ed Greenwood, author and creator of The Forgotten Realms!; An interview with Zach, a member of our community who is creating the world of Murmdus; An artist showcase with Solomon Enos, who spoke with us about his setting Polyfantastica; Plus, more worldbuilding prompts, artist resources, and other extras!

Volume 4, Issue 1: The Arts - Seven new worldbuilding articles featuring topics of art, clothing, and magical crime!; Four new flash fiction stories from Emory Glass, a continuation of her series Thirty-Three Tales of War; An interview with Michael D. Nadeau, the fantasy and steampunk author behind titles such as The Darkness Returns and stories from the Kyanite Press Journal of Speculative Fiction!; An interview with Mike Myler, the mind behind Mists of Akuma, an intricate setting for tabletop roleplaying games; An artist showcase with Kurt Ian Ferrer, an artist who combines 3D and 2D tools to create beautiful paintings; Nearly 200 worldbuilding prompts, artist resources, and other extras!


Volume 3, Issue 6: Trades & Occupations - Three articles on trades & occupations, with glances at history, tabletop gaming, and the drive to adventure; Three new flash fiction stories from Emory Glass, a continuation of her series that began in our April 2019 issue, Technology; An interview with Sean Fallon, also known as Smunchy, founder and CEO of Smunchy Games; An interview with our featured worldbuilder, Jay Howard, an author developing a science-fiction universe set thousands of years in our future; An artist showcase with Kevin Catalon, freelance illustrator and concept artist; New prompts and other extras.

Volume 3, Issue 5: Economics - Two articles on economics, one of which directly tackles the economics of feudal Europe!; An interview with Lianess, an assistant professor of economics; An interview with Dr. Trent Hergenrader, associate professor of English and author of Collaborative Worldbuilding for Writers and Gamers; An interview with our featured worldbuilder Lithish, game designer and tabletop game master;An artist showcase with Eric Franer and his writer Blaise Jones, who together are creating the wonderful creature-filled world of Experiment 18; The winners from our Coins & Currency competition with World Anvil: Ademal & M. Kelley who both created fascinating types of currency for their worlds; New prompts, and other extras!

Volume 3, Issue 4: Geography - 5 articles on geography, with two more on naming people and places in your worlds;An interview with Tina Hunter, author and Worldbuilding Magazine’s worldbuilding collaboration team leader; An interview with MedwedianPresident, one of our readers who is creating an alternate Earth inhabited by anthropomorphized animals; An artist showcase, featuring Tanner Staheli, 20 year old concept artist with a unique Eastern-inspired style; The winners from our cartography contest with Wonderdraft and a bit about their worlds; New prompts and other extras!

Volume 3, Issue 3: Gender & Relationships - 6 articles and a short story from one of our community members; An interview with Martha Wells, NYT bestselling author of the Raksura and Murderbot Diaries series; An interview with Susan Stradiotto, who gives us a tour of the world she’s set her novels in; An interview with Joshua Lorimer, cast member of the Sneak Attack! podcast, creator of The Titans of All’Terra podcast; An artist feature with Jay Eaton, co-editor of Almost Real Magazine and speculative biologist; New prompts and other extras!

Volume 3, Issue 2: Technology - We’d like to extend our sincere thanks to Joshua Jenkins for taking the time to tell us about his world The Hand Unseen, a dystopian near-future setting springing from alternative historical events; to James Schumacher (also known as Quasar) for showing us the inspiration and thought that went into the creation of his game Species, an evolution simulator; to Matthew Myslinski for allowing us to showcase some of his incredible artwork from his worldbuilding project Driftwood Archives; and of course to our incredible staff of writers, editors, artists, and support team members.

Volume 3, Issue 1: Death & Taxes - We want to extend a special thank you to Tikal for telling us about his world of Swordsfall; to Stian Oversen and Charles Leadingham of Iron Compass Games for sharing their worldbuilding process from a game design perspective; to Ondřej Hrdina for allowing to showcase some of his excellent artwork; and of course to all of our contributing artists, writers, and editors.


Volume 2, Issue 6: Magic - An artist feature with illustrator Anna Hannon; 2 interviews, featuring author Ellis Knox and Youtuber Tim Hickson (Hello Future Me); 4 articles on worldbuilding written by dedicated staff and community members; 2 short stories showcasing two very different applications of magic in worldbuilding; 8 new prompts for worldbuilding and writing; 3 questions answered by our beloved resident Adjunct Professor Percival Aluminius Illumnius of the Amalgamated Order of Interdimensional Persons; and more!

Volume 2, Issue 5: Cartography & Navigation - In this issue, you’ll find several helpful articles to aid you in your mapmaking and in-world traveling considerations. We also have interviews with Dylan Shad regarding his world Children of Ash, with Greg and Dan of Greg & Dan Cartography, and with Megasploot, the creator of Wonderdraft, an incredible new mapmaking tool. Additionally, we have wonderful cartographical art featured from two artists, Tiffany Munro and Benjamin Reece; our Ask Us Anything feature by the illustrious Professor Percival Aluminius Illumnius; and more.

Volume 2, Issue 4: Creatures: Monstrous, Magical and Mundane - This issue is our longest yet, and you’ll find plenty of informative articles regarding critters, creepy or otherwise. In addition to our normal content, we have a special inclusion: the winner’s and two runner ups’ entries to the Frightful Fauna World Anvil contest! Plus, we are featuring interviews with Paul about his Fifth World and Michael Ross of the RPG Academy.

Volume 2, Issue 3: Conflict - Inside you will find articles with a focus on the types of conflict that may occur in your worlds, a topic many of our team were eager to work on. Inside you’ll find a few interviews with novelist James Wolanyk, artist Thomas Muir, and worldbuilder Arcturox as well as several articles from the dedicated Worldbuilding Magazine team.

Volume 2, Issue 2: Food - We are proud to present to you our latest issue, “Food”! In this issue we explore the ins and outs of fictional food, exploring topics like food’s origins, social impacts, and cultural ties. We also have three short stories for you, showcasing applied worldbuilding in different forms. This issue we are featuring the artist caba111, and his work illustrating his world “The Shell”: a world of lizards and ancient ruins. Please check it out on page 8! Our world showcase for this issue is Illogical_Blox’s “Genysis”, a future Earth where magic returns in a devastating cataclysm. In our interview with him he details how humanity rebuilds and adapts in the aftermath—catch it on page 4.

Volume 2, Issue 1: The Nitty-Gritty Details - Festivals, fictional colors.


Volume 1, Issue 7: Gaming - Made up rules for made up words; intro to game design; a universe in constant flux.

Volume 1, Issue 6: Government - Sharing your world; Pennies, promises, and pointed sticks; The implications of governance.

Volume 1, Issue 5: Mythologies - The toast with Glasnost's Slidgrunde; Of America and dragons; Why your world needs religion.

Volume 1, Issue 4: History - Bokai's Solet Enusan; By the victor; Making in-world histories believable.

Volume 1, Issue 3: Populating a World - LordHenry7898's [Space 2017]; Guide to conlanging: introduction; Fantastic beasts and how to make them; A living world.

Volume 1, Issue 2: Building Planets - Map generators; Postantera; Dear Sarik.

Volume 1, Issue 1: Getting Started - Tolkein about high fantasy; The most important question; Welcome to Postantera!; Land of Sorrows (spotlight).

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