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 +====== The Steam Engine Explained and Illustrated (Seventh Edition) by Dionysius Lardner ======
 <html> <html>
-<div class="noillo"> 
-<div id="coverpage" class="figcenter" style="width: 600px;"> 
-<img src="https://brian.carnell.com/wiki/_media/etext:d:dionysius-lardner-steam-engine-cover.jpg" width="600" height="800" 
- alt="" title="cover page" /> 
-<h1>The Steam Engine<br />Explained and Illustrated</h1> 
 <div class="front"> <div class="front">
 <div class="figcenter" style="width: 300px;"> <div class="figcenter" style="width: 300px;">