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Line 86: Line 86:
 [[Donald Colvin]] [[Donald Colvin]]
 +[[Oll Coomes]]
 [[James Fenimore Cooper]] [[James Fenimore Cooper]]
Line 122: Line 124:
 **E** **E**
 +[[Walter Eaton|Walter P. Eaton]]
 [[Milan Edson]] [[Milan Edson]]
Line 168: Line 172:
 [[Roger Phillips Graham]] [[Roger Phillips Graham]]
 +[[Darius John Granger]]
 [[Zane Grey]] [[Zane Grey]]
Line 202: Line 208:
 [[Clemence Housman]] [[Clemence Housman]]
 +[[Charles Howard]]
 [[Victor Hugo]] [[Victor Hugo]]
Line 334: Line 342:
 [[Elizabeth Virginia Raplee]] [[Elizabeth Virginia Raplee]]
 +[[Mark Reinsberg]]
 [[George W. M. Reynolds]] [[George W. M. Reynolds]]
Line 388: Line 398:
 [[T. W. Speight]] [[T. W. Speight]]
 +[[Bram Stoker]]
 [[Robert Louis Stevenson]] [[Robert Louis Stevenson]]