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March 5, 2021

Walker 'stunned' to see ship hovering high above sea off Cornwall | Science | The Guardian

David Morris encounters rare optical illusion known as superior mirage while out on coastal stroll

Covid fightback: the critical role of HIV experts

The speed and cooperation of the Covid response has been honed by decades of dealing with ‘the biggest pandemic the world has ever seen’

Female tree frogs found to use their lungs for noise cancellation

There are now a number of hearing aids that are able to amplify one person's voice while filtering out distracting background voices. Well, it turns out that female tree frogs are able to perform a similar task, in order to hear the mating calls of males.

QAnon Shaman: 'I regret entering that building with every fibre of my body'

Jake Angeli spoke from jail about his role in the Capitol riots.

Mike Lindell Is Readying Another Documentary and Lawsuit That He Claims Will Finally Convince SCOTUS the Election Was Stolen | Right Wing Watch

In February, right-wing conspiracy theorist and MyPillow founder Mike Lindell announced that he would be releasing

What happened to Benny Hinn?

By Brian Birmingham Where is Benny Hinn and what is he doing now? A cursory search for his name in the news online reveals that he has not been in the news lately. And a look at Benny Hinn Ministries’ website and Facebook page shows that he’s got no public events coming up in the …

U.S. Traffic Deaths Spiked in 2020, Even as People Stayed Off the Road

The pandemic had a surprising effect on road fatalities in 2020. Despite people driving less overall, more than 42,000 Americans were killed during a car crash last year—a higher death toll than seen in 2019. Increased reckless driving was likely to blame.

Moving the Web Beyond Third-Party Identifiers

piece overlaps a bit with Mike’s piece from yesterday, “How
the Third-Party Cookie Crumbles”;
Mike graciously agreed to run this one anyway, so that it can offer
additional context for why Google’s...

Backup blog - @admiralplaceholder

I just received my 2nd DCMA takedown request. 3 and tumblr removes your account.
I’ve setup a backup blog @admiralplaceholder where I’ll be reblogging my  entire archive. Feel free to follow if you...

A Ghost Radio Station Has Been Broadcasting the Same Traffic Report for Obama's 2013 Inauguration for 8 Years

Road closure notifications continuously played on loop like some sort of post-apocalyptical movie scene.

The Prime Hexagon

The Prime Hexagon Resource Site

NHS may face a million long Covid patients after pandemic

Health service under pressure to care for significant number of patients with ongoing debilitating symptoms

How racism harms White people, too - CNN

If you're a White person who thinks racism only hurts people of color, consider Heather McGhee's story of an empty, abandoned swimming pool in Missouri.

Paycheck Protection Program Exclusion of Nude Dancing Establishments Upheld –

The Second Circuit held that this was a permissible viewpoint-neutral restriction on a subsidy program.

Parler Drops Its Loser Of A Lawsuit Against Amazon In Federal Court, Files Equally Dumb New Lawsuit In State Court

As you may recall, Parler had filed a ridiculously weak antitrust lawsuit against Amazon the day after it had its AWS account suspended. A judge easily rejected Parler's request for an injunction, and made it pretty clear Parler's chances of...

Under intense pressure, WHO skips summary report on coronavirus origin

The full report, however, is expected the week of March 15.

Myanmar coup: YouTube removes channels run by army amid violence

The armed forces are accused of spreading disinformation online amid a violent crackdown.

“Woman Who Criticized … Nursing Home Official on Facebook Faces Jail Time …” –

An article on the State v. Criscione case in (Cory Shaffer): A 64-year-old woman's Facebook posts blaming a Brook Park nursing

Fearing 'masculinity crisis' could harm its global rise, China looks to schools

Boys in China traditionally are expected to be strong leaders, get good grades and excel at sports. But the gender balance in China is changing.

YouTube Blacklists Donald Trump's CPAC Speech, Suspends RSBN Channel

The Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), a conservative news broadcaster, received a two-week suspension from YouTube because it covered President Donald Trump's speech at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).