Video Games Sales > DVD/Blu-Ray Sales for 2008

GameSpot notes that for 2008 total sales of video game software was greater than the combined sales of DVD and Blu-Ray movies. Worldwide, game software sales totaled $32 billion, while DVD/Blu-Ray sales totaled $29 billion. These figures do exclude revenue generated from DVD/Blu-ray rentals.

Still, that’s a fairly impressive trend, and one that is only going to become more pronounced in the years ahead. According to GameSpot, NPD — who compiles these sales statistics — estimates that in 2009, video game sales will make up 57 percent of all home enteratinment sales.

The Secret Saturdays Cryptid Lab

To promote its cryptozoological-influenced cartoon The Secret Saturdays, Cartoon Network has added a Flash-based Cryptid Lab that lets the user design their very own cryptozoological creature buy selecting from various parts and then modifying/re-coloring them.

It’s no Spore Creature Creator, but considering it’s all done in Flash there’s a surprising level of customization possible.