Ramez Naam YouTube Interview on Singularity 1on1 Channel

Nikola Danaylov spends an hour interviewing Ramez Naam about the final book in his Crux trilogy, Apex. The entire trilogy is one of the best near-future science fiction series I’ve read in a very long time,¬†looking at a world where people use nanites to interface with their brains which they then use to share their thoughts and emotions directly with other people. What makes the books rise above what other authors might do with such a premise is Naam’s extensive knowledge of the topic, and his ability to extrapolate based on opportunities and problems with existing technology how people might use and abuse this sort of direct brain connection.

In the interview Naam goes deeper into where brain/machine interfaces are today, how quickly they are likely to advance, and whether or not there might be computational limits on just how far we can go in simulating human brains.