Wacky Chikara Wrestling Match with Colt Cabana

In the introduction to this 20 minute Chikara match, Bryce Remsburg says,

I think a lot of what we love about professional wrestling is when it doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense to settle your gripes in these ways. And a lot of what happened in Easton, Pennsylvania on September 16, 2012 did not make sense. There was a gentleman dressed up like Colonel Sanders; and when I asked everyone why he dresses like Colonel Sanders, no one could give me an answer. He just does. Why was everyone singing the Canadian national anthem before the match? Who knows? Why was duck duck goose being played? Who knows? But when Colt Cabana is in a Chikara ring, you know good times and great memories will be had, and I have very great memories of this 8-man tag team Atomico International Flavor contests from Easton, Pennsylvania. One of the wackiest professional wrestling matches of all time.

Having watched this several times now . . . wow! As one of the YouTube commenters noted, this is taking professional wrestling into complete theater of the absurd territory, and it is awesome.


Preston City Wrestling & Ring of Honor – No Loud Noises Match

Lately I’ve been watching way too much professional wrestling. Occasionally I’ll watch WWE, but it tends to be extremely boring compared to what you’ll see on the indy scene. Stuff like this hilarious “No Loud Noises” match. As one of the YouTube commenters on the video puts it,

At its very best, wrestling is an agreement between the wrestlers and the audience to have a good time together. This is wrestling at its very best.

I couldn’t agree more.

Chavo Guerrero’s Warriors Creed Comic Book

Lion Forge Comics (the folks behind the Punky Brewster comic) are turning wrestler
Chavo Guerrero into a superhero with their Warriors Creed comic,

A new breed of superhero is born as legendary pro wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr. stars in his first comic book adventure! When Chavo retires from the ring he uncovers a dark family secret and superhuman powers he never knew he had. He’s going back for one more fight, but this time the stakes are amped!


Warrior's Creed Comic Book