One-12 Collective Shazam

One the one hand, it is a bit absurd for Mezco to create this One-12 collective line of action figures. I guess 1:12 scale just sounds a lot sexier than saying these are standard 6-inch action figures. And you need all the sexy you can get when you’re charging almost $100 for a 6-inch action figure.

On the other hand, wow. Thirty-two points of articulation, three separate head sculpts and sets of hands, an attachable lightning bolt, and Mr. Atom and Mr. Mind figures included in the package. If Shazam is your thing, this may be fairly close to a definitive action figure version.


One-12 Collective Shazam

1:12 Scale Star Trek: The Original Series Spock Action Figure

One:12 Collective has created this Spock action figure which is being distributed by Mezco Toys. Calling this a 1:12 scale action figure is just another way of saying it’s about 6 inches tall, which makes the $90 price tag a bit hard to swallow.

What that $90 buys, however, is the additional head sculpt with Nimoy’s classing eyebrow raise, as well as the different hand sets and accessories.


Star Trek: The Original Series - Spock Action Figure