Two Excellent Medieval Lego Sites

Dave (no last name I could find) has finished a complete medieval town built out of Legos, which looks nice.

Even more amazing is Anthony Sava’s extensive Lego sets for his Kingdom of Ikros site.

I am about to get started on a huge multimedia project that’s going to eventually involve a Lego set-up something along these lines, and these two pages have a lot of great ideas for medieval/fantasy Lego getups.

Wired Profiles Eric Harshbager

Wired has a good profile of Eric Harshbarger, Lego creator extraordinaire. The article, The Michelangelo of Lego, was apparently inspired by the stories circulating around the Internet of Harshbarger designing and building a fully functional desk made entirely out of Legos (35,000 of them) for some temperamental employee at a company (I can just imagine my boss’s face if I demanded a desk made out of Legos!)

Although I thought the desk was interesting, I do not think it holds a candle to Harshbarger’s Alice In Wonderland or his rendition of R2D2 in Legos, both of which are simply amazing.

I thought I was something of a Lego fanatic, but I am not even in the same universe as Harshbarger.


The Michelangelo of Lego. Leander Kahney, Wired, September 2, 2000.