Some Excellent Lego Links

  • Christina Hitchcock posted a ton of photos of a very large Lego castle she built.
  • The Math Lego site is an awesome depiction of mathematical constructs in Lego form. There’s a Lego Mobius strip, a trefoil knot, and several minimal surfaces. Very cool.
  • While it doesn’t have the beauty of mathematics, Adrian Drake as a very well done bust of everybody’s favorite superhero, The Tick. As I told Lisa, something like that would look great next to a green lantern.


Why do you spend hours and hours building cool Lego models? To see how well they fight, of course.

BrikWars is the definitive plastic building brick miniatures war game. Some of the chapters and rules are still under construction, but it’s playable and very cool — especially the giant robot rules.

Lego Movie: All of the Dead

I told my wife I had to have the video capture card to digitize my 8mm tapes, but realistically the main thing I wanted it for is to make stop-action Lego movies. I’ve already got a couple of ideas and am busy assembling Lego sets, though I probably won’t find the time until this summer to actually do this.

There are a number of Lego movies on the Internet, such as this amusing takeoff of horror films, All of the Dead. The camera work is pretty shaky in some parts, but the scenes of the minifigs rising from the dead is priceless (and unlike my plans, these folks actually used a real film camera).