PETA Protestor Arrested in North Carolina

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Protestor Kayla Worden, 41, was arrested in Ashville, North Carolina on March 18.

According to the Chicago Sun Times,

[Worden] . . . was passing out leaflets from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) about 9 a.m. on Clark and Washington, wearing only a pair of shoes, green shorts, a St. Patrick’s Day hat and flowers covering her breasts, police spokeswoman JoAnn Taylor said.

Worden disrupted pedestrian and car traffic and refused to stop passing leaflets “while improperly clothed,” Taylor said. She was arrested about midday and charged with disorderly conduct.


Semi-nude animal rights activist arrested. Ana Mendieta, Chicago Sun-Times, March 18, 2003.

Supermodel Gisèle Harassed by PETA

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals garnered some media attention for itself by sending four people to jump on stage and harass model Gisèle during a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

None of the outfits on display at the show used fur, but PETA’s Dan Mathews had been threatening for weeks to make Gisèle pay for modeling furs for a mink cooperative.

Fur Commission USA had the best description and commentary on the disruption.

Of course the obvious question raised by FCUSA is why on Earth does a group like this still have a nonprofit status? Why should taxpayers still be helping to subsidize this sort of activity? And more importantly, why doesn’t the media ever focus on that angle? You can bet that if this were an anti-abortion nonprofit endorsing these kinds of actions, for example, that they would not have that status for long.

FCUSA also has a rundown on each of the PETA activists involved in this protest, with their profile of Kayla Rae Worden raising an eyebrow,

Kayla Rae Worden (who calls herself “Stripper for a Cause”) followed Gisèle all the way down the runway holding a sign, appropriately made of vinyl (plastic), which personally attacked the model. The vinyl sign was emblazoned with the PeTA corporate logo, leaving no doubt what company sponsored the attack.

PeTA employee Kayla Rae Worden started life as Kevin Worden. During a 2002 appearance on the Howard Stern Show, Kayla/Kevin stripped when he threatened to kill insects and fish if the three PeTA-phile guests didn’t show him some boob. Kayla/Kevin was quick to reveal her set and Howard complimented Kayla/Kevin on her commitment to the cause and her “nice, natural breasts”. That’s right – without surgery perfected on animals and daily hormone therapy developed on animals, Kayla/Kevin would be sporting full body fur and a moustache. Isn’t it amazing what a little animal-tested hormone therapy can do?

And working for a group that opposes AIDS research in animals.


Plastic People Fail to Fluster Super-composed Supermodel. Fur Commission USA, November 20, 2002.