Gappa / Monster from a Prehistoric Planet

Wow … Gappa (retitled as Monster from a Prehistoric Planet) is in the public domain and available at Archive.Org. One of the funniest movie watching experiences I’ve ever had was watching this with my wife. The movie is hilarious — both intentionally and unintentionally. Gappa is what might have happened if the Monty Python folks had been Japanese and decided to make a giant monster movie instead of Life of Brian.

Monsterpocalypse Figure Photos

Privateer Press has a full gallery of all of the Monsterpocalypse figures that are part of its kaiju collectible miniatures game it is planning to release in October. My only complaint is having to wait until October to get my hands on these. I especially like that apparently they’re going with a plain base — the one thing I don’t like about buying CMGs is the ugly-assed, stat-filled bases most of them are saddled with. The World of Warcraft CMG is also going to have plain bases that fit into larger stat-filled holders.

The Monsterpocalypse game is apparently divided into different factions attempting to conquer the world/wreak havoc,

The Terrasaurs

The Syndicate

The Planet Eaters

The Martian Menace


The Lords of Cthul – the inevitable Lovecraftian component. Someone needs to craft a version of Godwin’s Law along the lines of Lovecraft’s Law – given any group of fanboys, game company, comic, etc., the probability of someone swiping from Lovecraft approaches one.

Godzilla Crumble Zone Playset FTW

Superhero Times points out this awesome Godzilla Crumble Zone playset available from Monster Island Toys. According to Monster Island’s promo text the playset,

Comes complete with backdrop, collapsing buildings, falling bridges, and five 4 inch monsters; Baragon, Mothra, King Ghidorah, Godzilla, and Mothra Larva. Finally you can play out your fantasy of destroying a small piece of Tokyo and terrorizing the general Japanese population. Gojira!!!!