And then there’s Mechani-Kong,

a remote-controlled robot double of King Kong introduced in the 1966 animated television seriesThe King Kong Show and featured again in the 1967 film King Kong Escapes. The robot was created by Dr. Who (not to be confused with the British television series or its main character) to kill the giant ape King Kong.

Toho wanted to make a Godzilla vs. Mechani-Kong movie in the 1990s, but the idea was nixed due to permission issues for the likeness of King Kong which is owned by Turner. Too bad  — that would have kicked so much ass.

These nice 6″ vinyl figures of Mechani-Kong run about $60-$80 apiece on eBay.

Mecha vs. Kaiju True20 Supplement

Mecha vs. Kaiju True20 SupplementMecah vs. Kaiju is a True20 RPG supplement for . . . well . . . mecha vs. kaiju roleplaying,

In it you will find hero-creation rules, including Archetypes, a new add-on for Nature, Martial Arts moves, and of course a host of feats related to piloting those titanic war machines, the Mecha! Fans of the supernatural will find a new kind of ally in the Kami, traditional spirits of the Japanese Shinto religion. Best of all the player’s section includes a complete Mecha Creation System, allowing you to either customize existing mecha or build a completely new robot from the ground up.

But that is only half the setting. Narrators will find a wealth of campaign ideas in the Secret History of Japan. A complete starting adventure is provided, catipulting a group of young heroes into a timeless battle against the forces of evil. And of course there are the Kaiju! Tireless, merciless ravagers that attack without warning, this book includes some of the most famous kaiju in history, as well as a complete system for creating new monsters, fully compatable with the True20 Bestiary.

Download from DriveThruRPG for $13.99 or wait for the printed version in February 2009 for $24.95.

Gappa / Monster from a Prehistoric Planet

Wow … Gappa (retitled as Monster from a Prehistoric Planet) is in the public domain and available at Archive.Org. One of the funniest movie watching experiences I’ve ever had was watching this with my wife. The movie is hilarious — both intentionally and unintentionally. Gappa is what might have happened if the Monty Python folks had been Japanese and decided to make a giant monster movie instead of Life of Brian.