PETA Launches Website to Target Very Short Adults In India

Apparently People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals recently allowed an erroneous press release to leave its premises. The press release announced that the group was launching a new web site in conjunction with Bollywood Star Jackie Shroff targeted at India.

The press release had to be mistaken, however, because it gave the URL for the site as and said that the site was intended for children.

Now, as we all know, Ingrid Newkirk is on record as saying that PETA doesn’t target children but rather that everything it does is targeted at adults. I’m assuming that rather than children, PETA probably meant that it was targeting short adults.

Otherwise, the obvious inference would be that Newkirk lies about PETA’s methods and that just stretches the imagination to the breaking point, doesn’t it?

Lee Hall Blasts PETA Over Iraqi Fur Stunt

Friends of Animals’ legal director Lee Hall was back to his favorite sport this month — bashing People for the Ethical Treatment for Animals.

In an essay titled “People for the Exploitative Treatment of Arabs?” Hall rips into PETA and Ingrid Newkirk over a recent stunt in which PETA was to give a donated mink coat to an Iraqi. In January PETA issued a press releasing saying,

Every year, PETA gives away hundreds of donated fur coats to the needy and homeless across North America. KennedyÂ’s coats will be part of a special shipment that PETA is sending to war-torn Iraq, where many residents of hard-hit towns are facing a cold winter without electricity.

Hall first writes about his displeasure with previous PETA stunts wherein the group gives donated furs to homeless people. He mentions a 2002 campaign in which PETA gave fur coats to homeless people in Great Britain,

PETA pushed the
stunt despite strenuous public objection from British anti-fur campaigners
as well.  Activists who had spent many weeks in delicate negotiations to
establish a fur-free policy in a Liverpool hospice charity watched their
work unravel in the midst of the PETA campaign.

Another group stated:

It gives the
impression that homeless people are a class that can be used as pawns in an
American groupÂ’s cause, and that they have no right to have a moral choice
on the fur issue. The marking of the coats with paint to identify them as
give-aways has the more sinister effect of identifying the wearers as

PETA also
supervises the distribution of furs to homeless people in urban areas of the
U.S., through a scheme bizarrely named the Fur Soup
Kitchen. When the idea first hatched, numerous concerned activists,
including long-time anti-fur campaigner Priscilla Feral of Connecticut-based
Friends of Animals, asked PETA to drop the tactic.  But PETA president
Ingrid Newkirk waved the critics off, telling them to “go to work, real
work!” Newkirk further wrote:

When the homeless
are wearing fur, you know fur has hit rock bottom. It is no longer
fashionable, chic or desirable. People with money and style can choose, and
they donÂ’t choose fur because nothing beats synthetics for warmth as borne
out by Polar and Everest expeditions. Perhaps the only people left who can
justify wearing  fur are those so down-and-out that they cannot choose.

So now we see that
“the down-and-out” would have been better off with synthetics, but Newkirk
did not try to obtain such garments.  Instead, Newkirk used these people
to make a point:  to associate fur with the “rock bottom.” Rather than
offer respectful assistance to the poor, Newkirk subverted their dignity to
PETAÂ’s single-minded end.

Hall then turns to the furs-for-Iraq stunt writing,

And now Newkirk
would have us take up a collection of mink coats for the Iraqis.

With Iraqis reduced to wearing PETAÂ’s fur, in
the world according to Newkirk, it is clear that these people have hit rock
bottom. Never mind that through years of sanctions and finally by invading
their land, we were the ones who put them there. Never mind that PETA
apparently supported that invasion by regularly trotting out a staffer
identified as a U.S. Marine throughout the siege of Iraq. Never mind that
Norfolk-based PETA gave the troops calendars with pictures of
scantily-clad women along with packets of “Treats for the Troops.” Never
mind that PETA distributed posters of PlayboyÂ’s Kimberly Hefner in an
unbuttoned Uncle Sam outfit through “Stars and Stripes,” the U.S. military
newspaper given to the people ordered to invade Iraq.

. . .

>The news report on
the furs-to-Iraqis scheme said little about motives, other than to describe
the Iraqis as “needy.” But it is all equally revolting, whether itÂ’s about
PETA using the occupation to display goodly-hearted sentiments about the
Iraqi people — after sending some of the enemies of those same people over
with boxes of sweets — or whether itÂ’s just about using Iraqis as their
latest image of the “rock bottom.” One of PETAÂ’s slogans is “IÂ’d rather be
caught dead than wear fur.” However we look at it, that doesnÂ’t say much for
PETAÂ’s view of the people of Iraq.

Too bad for the animal rights movement (and good for the rest of us) that Hall’s views about PETA’s stunts seem to be in the minority.


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Jean Barnes Bizarre Letter about World Week for Animals in Laboratories

It’s been awhile since this site has reported on Jean Barnes, but in April she sent out an e-mail describing a protest that the Primate Freedom Project held outside Emory University. You might remember Barnes as the activist who thinks that research into gender assignment is inherently homophobic. She also turns out to be the activist who thinks her opponents are just sitting at home waiting for her to call. In her e-mail, Barnes wrote (emphasis added),

We had lots of media — including a one hour visit at WNNX where show hosts had invited at least 12 different Emory U. researchers to participate in an exchange with Ingrid [Newkirk]. None of Emory’s ‘trained medical professionals’ had the backbone to take on Ingrid — who to my knowledge — has no medical training. After WNNX was unable to secure an Emory dr. or researcher, they called around the US trying to get a medical type to discuss research with her. Again, no takers.

WNNX finally decided to try Ted Nugent. Ted could conveniently not be reached . . .

Yeah, I’m sure Nugent was home quaking in his boots at the thought of being called about a protest organized by Barnes.

Dang, they should have called me — I’d have debated that twit Newkirk. How convenient that Barnes didn’t bother!


Who’s Afraid of Ingrid Newkirk? Jean Barnes, Primate Freedom Project, April 28, 2004.

PETA Passes Out Chicken Trading Cards to Tennessee Children

Apparently People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals activists in Tennessee must have forgotten Ingrid Newkirk’s dictum that “everything we do is based at adults” rather than kids — contrary to Newkirk’s claim, PETA members showed up outside a Knox County school and handed out chicken trading cards while showing a video about the slaughter of chickens.

The stunt was part of PETA’s anti-KFC campaign. According to a page on PETA’s web site about the campaign,

Chickens should be friends, not food! Chickens are friendly, curious little birds who value their lives just as much as you value yours. Did you know that chicken moms talk to their chicks even while they’re still in the shell? When the chicks are born, their mom watches over them carefully, takes them under her wing to keep them safe, and teaches them all about life.

But chickens on factory farms never get to be loved by their moms. These birds’ lives are awful and scary even before they are killed and cut up for food.

Hmm…maybe when Newkirk told CNN that “everything we do is based at adults” she meant “everything we do is based at adults when I’m being asked about it on national television.”


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Your Animal Rights Group Is Run by a Liar

In March 2002 Ingrid Newkirk went on CCN’s Crossfire and claimed that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals never targets children after CNN Crossfire host Tucker Carlson accused PETA activists of harassing his kids at a circus. Newkirk said the event could not possibly have happened as Carlson depicted, “Because everything we do is based at adults.

Of course, as with most things, Newkirk was simply lying as PETA targeted children before and after this bit of nonsense. One of the most outrageous examples of PETA’s targeting of children was its Christmas campaign, “Your Mommy Kills Animals!”

PETA produced a graphic pamphlet for people to hand to the children of women wearing fur. The one-page pamphlet shows a woman with a large knife stabbing a rabbit with the copy,

Ask your mommy . . .how many animals she killed to make her fur coat? The sooner she stops wearing fur, the sooner animals will be safe!

A PETA press release said the group would hand the fliers outside of performances of The Nutcracker,

PETA activists – including cuddly, costumed raccoons and foxes – are making guest appearances outside performances of The Nutcracker across the country this holiday season with a cheeky message of compassion. As children arrive to see the “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy,” some will be unaware that their mothers are already starring in a real-life horror story! PETA will be there to greet any fur-clad moms and their children with their newest anti-fur leaflet-PETA Comics presents…”Your Mommy Kills Animals!”

Kids will see the bloody truth behind their momsÂ’ pretentious pelts. Accompanied by graphic photographs of skinned carcasses and animals languishing on fur farms, children will read: “Lots of wonderful foxes, raccoons, and other animals are kept by mean farmers who squish them into cages so small that they can hardly move. They never get to play or swim or have fun. All they can do is cry-just so your greedy mommy can have that fur coat to show off in when she walks the streets.”

Don’t worry, though — I’m sure if anyone confronts Newkirk about this campaign she’ll again dissemble and claim that this couldn’t possibly happen because PETA only targets adults!


PETAÂ’s New Comic for Kids – a Real-Life Horror Story! Press Release, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, December 2003.

Ingrid Newkirk's Letter-to-the-Editor on "Holocaust On Your Plate"

Ingrid Newkirk was displeased enough with a column in the Spokesman Review (Spokane, Washington) that slammed People for the Ethical Treatment for the Animals’ Holocaust on Your Plate campaign that she penned a letter in response,

It’s hard to imagine a meaner, smaller-minded piece of writing than Mr. Clark’s “PETA stoops to new low with exhibit” (Aug. 7).

Well, Ingrid must not be thinking very hard. There’s that interview from Genre in which PETA’s Dan Mathews said he admired Andrew Cunanan “because he got Versace to stop doing fur.” Or who can forget Newkirk’s repeated defense and support of the Animal Liberation Front. I’m sure if she tries really, really hard, Newkirk can find plenty of more noxious stuff without even leaving her small-minded office.

Our Holocaust exhibit is funded and designed by caring Jewish people who wish human beings to widen their circle of compassion to those who are misunderstood and mistreated even today. To greet this exhibit, as Mr. Clark did, as a “clucking, oinking” shame shows deep disrespect for those who lost relatives in the Holocaust and could not stop it, but do not feel powerless now to stop the cries, the anguish and fear, cannot be dismissed simply because the victims are different species. To call caring souls “the lunatic fringe” is just cheap.

I think the word Newkirk was looking for there is “accurate.” PETA keeps claiming that the exhibit is funded by Jewish individuals (some of PETA’s best friends are Jews!) but until she’s willing to identify who is funding “Holocaust On Your Plate,” we only have Newkirk’s word for that. And, frankly, Newkirk doesn’t have a track record that makes her very credible.

I have stood on the floor of slaughterhouses in this country and overseas and even held the heads of animals whose throats were being slit. To laugh off their suffering as “chicken poop” is not something one expects to read in a respected newspaper. Shame, indeed. But not on the PETA exhibit or those trying to reduce the sum total of pain in the world.

In fact, Newkirk advocates creating fear and suffering. As she said after an animal rights extremist group sent razor blade-laced letters to medical researchers, “I hope it frightens them [the researchers] out of their careers. If experimenters feel afraid now, that’s nothing compared with the fear, harm and death they have inflicted on their victims.”

It’s hard to imagine a meaner, small mind person than Newkirk.


PETA column cheap, disrespectful. The Spokesman Review, August 15, 2003.