Playskool My First Presidency Playset

Playskool My First Presidency Playset
Playskool My First Presidency Playset

This is a jab at Donald Trump taking reporter’s questions while sitting at a signing desk. The signing desk’s entire point is to allow multiple people to flank the president while signing a bill, but Trump thought it would be a good idea to use it while pretending to work alone.

Donald Trump Sitting At Signing Desk
Donald Trump Sitting At Signing Desk


A political action committee with ties to Roger Stone wants to punish Georgia’s Republican Senate candidates, Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, who face a runoff on January 5, 2021. urges Republicans to write-in Donald Trump rather than vote for Loeffler or Perdue.

With enough write-ins in the Georgia senate race, we can tilt the balance in Georgia in Trump’s favor! If we can do this, we have a real chance at getting these RINO senators to act on the illegitimate and corrupt election presided over by a Democrat party that is invested in the Communist takeover of Our Great Nation. We will not stop fighting for you, the American Patriot, against the evils of Socialism and inferior Religions. This is a Christian Nation and will be as long as we fight, together, for our sovereignty.

However, any significant write-in campaign would likely benefit the Democratic candidates, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. After all, the only reason there is a January 5 runoff is that neither Loeffler nor Perdue could win a majority of votes on election day.

ActBlue noticed and has started soliciting donations to erect billboards pushing the sam message.

Trump supporters in Georgia are saying that because David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler couldn’t deliver a victory in Georgia for Trump, MAGA supporters should not deliver a victory for them in the run-off election. We agree.

That’s why we’re crowdfunding these billboards in the counties in Georgia that voted for Trump in the highest numbers. “Perdue/Loeffler Didn’t Deliver For Trump, Don’t Deliver For Them.”

ActBlue Georgia Billboard
ActBlue Georgia Billboard

Apparently, Donald Trump and his allies want to do the same thing for the Republican Party that they did for the entire country–burn it all down before taking their ball and going home.

About That Stock Market Crash . . .

Donald Trump, October 22, 2020: “If he [Joe Biden] is elected, the stock market will crash.”

November 24, 2020: The General Services Administration sends a letter to Joe Biden that it is ready to begin the formal presidential transition process.

Two Hours Later

The Wall Street Journal: The Dow Hits 30,000

“Arrest The Vote Counters”

We are fortunate that Trump is as incompetent at leading a coup as he is everything else he’s done in his life.

The next wannabe dictator may be a bit more intelligent, and Trump has clearly laid out a blueprint for how to go about obliterating democratic norms and institutions.

Anti-Democracy Protest
Anti-Democracy Protest

Why Do People Abase Themselves and Their Values for Donald Trump?

This is truly the one thing I do not understand about Donald Trump. Look at one of his campaign’s attorneys, Jenna Ellis, for example.

In 2016, Ellis wrote a Facebook post saying,

I could spend a full-time job just responding to the ridiculously illogical, inconsistent, and blatantly stupid arguments supporting Trump. But here’s the thing: his supporters DON’T CARE about facts or logic. They aren’t seeking truth,” she wrote in March 2016. “Trump probably could shoot someone in the middle of NYC and not lose support. And this is the cumulative reason why this nation is in such terrible shape: We don’t have truth seekers; we have narcissists.

Yet four years later, there she is trying to help Donald Trump overturn the results of an election telling reporters,

Your question is fundamentally flawed when you’re asking ‘where’s the evidence’?

What is it about the boorish orange oaf that makes people abandon their principles and integrity so completely?