Caddyshack Vinimates from Diamond Select

Wow. I was just thinking to myself the other day, “Self, why aren’t there any Caddyshack toys?” Lo and behold, Diamond Select Toys has decided to fill that gaping void. There’s a hidden special accessory here as well–the Ty Webb figure is actually a better actor than Chevy Chase (I know, low bar).

Spider-Man Ice Cube Tray–You Can Go With This, Or You Can Go With That

There’s already a Spider-Man Ice Cube Tray, but apparently the good folks at Diamond Select Toys realized those ice cubes were a bit childish in appearance and probably not appropriate for use at my dinner parties. Hence, they have another silicone model that is far more sophisticated and better for cooling off your favorite crime fighter after another day of dealing with street thugs and super-villains.


Spider-Man Ice Cube Tray

DST’s Wrath of Khan Communicator

Diamond Select Toys recently announced this Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan communicator to be released in November 2009. Modeled after the communicator used by Admiral Kirk in the film, this also features sound effects from the movie (i.e., you can set it to play the famous “Khaaaan” clip when you open it). This one will set you back about $30.

Wrath of Khan Communicator

Diamond Select’s Full-Size Captain’s Chair Replica

There are replicas and then there are replicas. Diamond Select Toys is going to be offering a full-sized replica of the Captain’s Chair from Star Trek TOS, complete with working lights, sound effects and a few Shanterian phrases (not sure if that last one is a bug or a feature). This one will set you back $2,000..

Diamond Select Toys - Captain's Chair Replica