Batman Automobilia: 1969 Comics’ Batmobile

This diecast model is a stunning rendition of the Batmobile that made its debut in 1969 in Detective Comics #364.

According to the History of the Batmobile,

[The 1969 Batmobile] was a two-seat coupé outfitted with a turbocharged engine, bulletproof chassis and body panels, hydraulic impact absorbers built into the front end, and a smokescreen generator. To retain a low profile, it had bulletproof one-way mirrored windows and diplomatic license plates. It also represented two Batmobile firsts: gullwing doors and a remote driving system. The latter was originally developed as a safety measure to get Batman out of tight situations, but was found to be equally effective acting as a decoy and has since appeared in several Batmobiles since then.

Detective Comics #364 Batmobile

Batman Automobilia: Dark Knight Returns Batmobile

Batman Automobilia is a bi-weekly publication/diecast figure set that features, not surprisingly, various Batman-related vehicles. They look nice, but most of the vehicles that have been produced so far are available in numerous other versions.

This crazy Batmobile tank from The Dark Knight Returns comic and animated movie is definitely an exception. Very well done.

Batman Automobilia: Dark Knight Returns Batmobile