Huntingdon Director Attacked by Thugs With Baseball Bats

Huntingdon Life Sciences managing director, Brian Cass, 53, was attacked by three people wearing balaclavas outside his house on Thursday, February 22.

The three attackers proceed to assault Cass with baseball bats in an incident that police are linking to numerous other acts of violence against HLS and its employees by animal rights activists.

Cass described the attack,

I turned around and saw three individuals with baseball bats raised above their heads about to hit me with them. I can’t remember what they said but it wasn’t pleasant and I held my briefcase in front of my face as some form of protection.

As I felt the cracking noise on my head, my partner, who realized something was going on outside, opened the door and I stumbled in. A passer-by got involved and started shouting and chasing the three people down the street but as he approached them they sprayed what I believe was CS gas into his face.

Cass required eight stitches for his head wound and sustained additional injuries on his arms and hands.


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